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"I want to show you something very special... Don't keep me waiting. Come inside"

Hi, my name is Desyra Noir, i would like to welcome you to my website slinkycheeks.com! A exclusive site where you can see me in very tight clothing, shiny spandex, leotards, leggings, bikinis & tight jeans pulling it right up into my pussy & booty. If you love shiny fetish clothing and cameltoes you will love my site.

My Spandex Roots
I am a girl who grew up in the 80´s, with the memories of me wearing shiny spandex leggings and thongs in the gym, shiny leotards at the pool or the beach. I like to remember when i watched men starting their inner cinema as they stared on my cameltoe and ass when i was wearing very tight leggings. I enjoyed it so much.
Nothing has changed on my fetish and my love of shiny spandex clothes until today.
Each time i go shopping, i keep my eyes open to find some new spandex clothes. I can´t help, i´m addicted to this fabric.
After all these years the spandex fetish is very rare so my intent is to show you how sexy this fabric can be also in the 20 century.
My Website is not one of these websites where some "pro Models" posing bored around in Spandex outfits. This site is more personal, you can contact me, you can do webcam with me, and i will do custom photos or videos for you. I love and live this spandex fetish every day. I never leave the house without one of my lovely spandex leggings on my legs.

My shiny Lycra Mission
Now i decide to open this website to share all my shiny spandex photos and videos with people who had the same fetish like me. I have never been into the "pro Look" kind of photographic posing, i much prefer the amateur style of normal activities. So you will see me at the beach, walking around, doing homework and very intimate moments.

Now enjoy my puffy milf pussy! My large outer labia completely engulf the smaller labia inside and provide you with a squeezable cameltoe. Trust me, the swollen lips of my pussy will have your attention when i wear shiny stretchy spandex clothes.

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English, German
Curvy, Seductive
Sometimes blond, most black
Pussy, Titts, Belly Button
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    2017more then 800 Amateur Porn Movies from 1999 until now - ask em if you like to see them (Studio: Myself)


I want to show you something special.

Don`t keep me waiting. Come inside...